Daily life of a stay-at-home-mum

Imagine a beautiful and charming old city in the Netherlands, small cafés strung together like beads along the cobbled streets. We are in the charming old city of Maastricht near the German and Belgium border. Daniela, who is originally from Slovakia, has been living here in a rented little house for about 12 years now together with her husband and her three little sons.

The thirty-five-year-old stay-at-home-mum – this is how she calls herself – has a great affinity to photography and is really talented in this art. This is why she, her family, and her lovely photography came to my attention while surfing on diverse photo platforms on the internet and searching for nest-inhabitants who like to show us their nest.
Daniela studied art education, and as one can see, her passion for art is reflected in her photography and in the way she is dealing with her children’s creativity. While on vacation in Croatia, the seventeen-year-old Daniela shot her first film roll on a Zenith. This was the point of no return in her affinity to photography. But it took almost thirteen years until she started to she started to take pictures on a more regular basis. That was when she got her beloved NIKON FM2 as a birthday present. While looking through the camera viewfinder, everything seems to become clearer, even brighter to her. It seems as if she wants to capture all those special moments in the lives of her kids with her camera since she has realized that her three sons are growing up with light speed. Daniela now takes her camera almost everywhere.


What Daniela loves most about Maastricht is that she can go everywhere by bike. The city is not too big and not too small, and nature isn’t that far away, even if nature means that there are only some parks in the city. But as lovely as Maastricht is, Daniela’s favourite place would be a place somewhere in Italy.
Giving her a feeling of peace and tranquility, her bedroom only furnished with a lamp and white curtains is her favorite place in her tiny nest. With white walls and furniture from the well-known Swedish company Ikea, her home has a mainly practical and friendly interior. And, what if you were a child and loved to play with colors? Then, I am sure, white walls would have some advantages. Daniela tells me that her three boys, the 10-year-old Tristan, his four years younger brother Olivier, and the smallest one, the 2-year-old Alan, love to leave their marks everywhere, especially using the belove white walls as their personal canvas.
Daniela’s three sons are lively children with totally different characters. There is Tristan who likes to study and always has thousands of questions in mind. Olivier, however, loves to be on the move. He climbs everywhere even between the door frames. The two-year-old Alan, young as he is, tends to be an outdoor child and loves to help his dad in the garden. But the three of them have the typical child things in common: They play with lego, on the computer, they draw and paint and quarrel and the older ones play their role games.
I deeply agree with Daniela that a home full of children´s marks is much more heartwarming than pristine houses we see in every magazine on interior decoration could ever be.

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