Jillian’s colorful eclectic Airstream

Jillian is the author of the well-known blog ‚The Noisy Plume‘ in which she documents her life and work as a metalsmith. Since last summer she and her husband has been living in a refurbished Airstream trailer from the 60s at the smokejumper base in Washington.

How we live

Our current home is a refurbished 1965 Landyacht Airstream trailer on the Smokejumper Base in Washington. My husband is a smokejumper and works out of this base during the fire season in the American West. As a freelance photographer, writer and independent metalsmith, I am able to do my work no matter where we live! I grew up in the backcountry of the four western provinces of Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba). I call Saskatchewan home, it’s where all my family is. I lived in New Zealand for a year when I was 19. Since I married my husband, we have lived in Alaska, Northern California, Arizona, Idaho and Washington. I think Idaho is my favorite place in the USA. We just sold our property there and are hoping to buy working ranch property in the next couple of years in the state of Idaho. It’s a wild and beautiful and empty place.

The Airstream

The airstream we live in holds a beautiful walnut bed with under-storage that my husband handcrafted (he milled the wood for it, too). It has a vintage, pea green velvet loveseat in the front hub and a bright tangerine door. There is storage up and down the inside of the trailer (we have yet to build our kitchen cupboards and wall storage). The floors are turquoise blue and the walls are matte aluminum. It’s a beautiful, light space and a real pleasure to live in. It’s also a small space so everything really needs to have a place and be in place or it starts to get out of control. One of my favorite things about living in an Airstream is that it takes me about five minutes to clean it! Since we live on base, we use the community mess hall for cooking and the base facilities for laundry, washrooms and showers.

My Style

My style is truly eclectic. Our home reflects this. I like a blend of vintage, modern and rustic. That said, I simply like what I like and manage to make everything work together as a whole when it comes to interiors.

Being alone

My husband is my best friend. I miss him immensely when he is away fighting fire. That said, I like being alone. Some people can’t handle it. I love it. While I would describe myself as socially gregarious in social settings, I am a true introvert and need copious amounts of alone time to function properly as a human being and creative. We have three dogs and a cat that keep me excellent company while he is away and I have a batch of good friends here in the valley who I see often.

The future

We would like working ranch property in Idaho so we are continuously shopping for land there. We don’t really know what the future holds. We are in the midst of dreaming aloud with each other and haven’t settled on any certain notions yet.

Feel at home

To be comfortable and feel at home I need my dogs. Part of my wardrobe (I have a thing for beautiful clothing…). A chunk of land to wander on. A record player. A whimsical, handmade ceramic tea cup or two — I never travel without one!


To me, it means belonging — to the land, to the people I am with, to the ecosystem there, to the way of life, to the local community. I can feel a tiny sense of home or an enormous sense of home, depending on where I am and who I am with and what I am doing.

Jillian’s blog: http://www.thenoisyplume.com/blog/

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