Living on the roof of Japan

As the folk saying goes, today’s nest-inhabitant Sayaka Minemura lives on „the roof of Japan“, namely in Nagano. The city in central Japan is surrounded by 3000-m-high mountains and an indescribably beautiful landscape. Thanks to Sayaka for giving us a glimpse into her small but wonderful home.

Her photography is quiet, humble, full of attention to detail, and absolutely stunning. She neither takes pictures according to plan or on schedule, nor does she follow a certain subject. It’s a particular lighting situation, the beauty of nature, or an unforeseen wonderful moment that gets her to grab the camera and start a photo session. And sometimes, quite inadvertently, a new photo project is born.

The sense of simple yet touching beauty is evident not only in her photography, but also in her tiny nest. Born and raised in Nagano, Sayaka is still living in the town at the foot of the Japanese Alps. For us, she has photographed her personal living space and gives an insight into a world which is otherwise closed to the outside world.

Sayaka loves Nagano, precisely because this city lies in such a beautiful part of Japan, which she told me is extremely precious for her. Frequently, she jaunts to the mountains, leaving the noisy city life and the crowds behind, relaxing surrounded by nothing but trees, mountains, rivers, and the sound of nature.

When she has no time to escape the city, she literally picks up nature in miniature form and brings it to her nest. Then she opens her window, debouches onto the balcony, listens to the chirping of birds, the soughing river, and looks at the full beauty of nature from the distance. There is no roof to protect her from the rain or the wind. And this is what Sayaka loves most. In this way she feels connected to nature and brings nature to her home.

Also, the countless flowers and plants in her nest show how much she loves to be surrounded by nature. For her, a typical morning starts after getting out of bed, by opening the windows of her apartment, letting the exterior in, and afterward taking care of her plants. Only then, whilst enjoying her favorite time of the day, she indulges in her passion of preparing her almost artistic breakfast. You can have a look at her awesome breakfast creations on Flickr.

Small but perfectly formed, this is how I would describe Sayaka’s nests. Although she nowadays lives in a slightly larger apartment at the foot of a mountain, her first home, which she loved more than anything, was not much more than a single room. But it is not about the sheer size that makes a beautiful home for Sayaka, but the atmosphere it emanates. Her home needs not only to be a home for her, but also for her heart. In her case, this happens with the help of a lot of light, potted plants, and all the small things that have accumulated over the course of her life, and which give her good memories and a good feeling.

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