Family life in Stockholm’s suburbs

As co-founder, art director and information architect of a small digital design agency in the centre of Stockholm Lars Wästfelt naturally is interested in the finer and more beautyful things of life. And it’s not only art and design that appeals to him, but also photography. As a teenager, he discovered his passion for taking pictures, and as time went by, his work evolved more and more. Nowadays he photographs almost every day, and his favorite subject is his family. He often captures everyday but wonderfully expressive and unique moments in the life of his three daughters.

Could you describe a very typical day for you and your family?

Kindergarten, school and full time work for each of us. We have some help from our grand parents to pick up our kids in the afternoon, then dinner, homework, reading, (maybe a run in the woods) and if not too tired an episode of a series or a documentary.

In how many different nests have you lived throughout your whole life?

Maybe 10-15 places?

What is living in Stockholm like? What do you love about it, and what don’t you like?

We are lucky to live in our own terraced house in a beautiful suburb. We have untouched forests and lakes within walking distance. And I can bike to my office in the city center in 15 minutes 🙂 That’s a combination I love. I don’t like the conformity and gentrification that has taken place in Stockholm in the last decades.

Could you tell us the most important things about your home in Stockholm?

We have been living here since our first daughter was a baby. We left the city to get a friendlier environment for kids to grow up. They can explore the surroundings by themselves from young age. And at the same time we have the underground that can take us to everything the city has to offer. I guess I am the one who is lusting for exclusive pieces of well-designed furniture and my wife has a more realistic approach to make our home homely.

Best place in your nest?

Bedroom and backyard.

What’s best about escaping from Stockholm and spend some time in rural areas in Sweden, Greece, or Sicily?

The tranquility we feel when we leave town. We now have a summer house in the woods next to the coast and just being there makes me happy. I think we are looking for similar experiences elsewhere in Europe, although it obviously becomes more of an adventure then (especially with three children).

Could you describe a perfect holiday?

I guess I like to visit „cut-off places“ where you can sense the nature and preferably swim. It seems that my family has the same driving force, even if they sometimes do not want to go the extra mile to find a secluded cliff?

Until now, which was the loveliest place you’ve lived in throughout your holidays?

Psaravolada, Milos, Greece, extremely friendly family-run place with a spectacular view!

Last remarkable moment you’ve had together with your family?

When we all saw a giant White-tailed eagle flying just above our heads as we walked in the forest at the summer house.

What does your family mean to you?

Love, friendship. Everything.

And last, but not least, what does a nest (home) mean to you?

A place where I can feel completely relaxed.

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